Based on the publication of KornSW’s article ´Core ideas for a universal Webshell´ we are building a ‘universal’ shell in the form of an SPA that can host any web application. The current paradigm of configurable application modules (keyword ‘composite application’) in combination with the "WebComponents" standard enables us to create a product which is put together from several decentrally hosted components. In addition, an interaction between these modules should be made possible. In addition, it should also be possible to define various standard use cases, such as processing a list of data records in the form of simple CRUD operations, purely configuratively. In the latter case, no frontend development is necessary at all – only a web service in the Backend…

Who we are?

We are an OpenSource Workgroup called ‘SmartStandards’ (GitHub-Org), spending our weekends for building enterprise ready frameworks and libraries focused on .NET & TypeScript.

Where the UShell lives?

For the Project ("UShell") we have created a dedicated GitHub-Org because we dont want to mix up with the low layer fx development.

You can see the progress by browsing to the Demo-Installation of the latest build (CI).

Whats the plan?

It was planned to have a first MVP until end of 2022 (that goal is reached!).

The tech-stack for this was:

  • React
  • antd
  • WebComponents
  • federation

Currently were adding OAuth support and after that were looking forward to plan an new roadmap and update this homepage!

Contributors wanted!

We are happy about everyone, who would like to help here! Please feel free to contact us…